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Steve Starz Kool Shit
Japan Trip Part 1


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Japan Trip Part 1


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My Japan Spinout / Part One

Well being slack and never getting around to travelling overseas last year I had my chance and went to Japan. Well for a place to go for trip O/S I would be putting this place at the top of the list Yeehah !I think my time spent there would have to one of wildest times of my life but I must say it is always better to have.
some one to share it with and my partner in crime was the wonderful Ninja Queen who also doubled as my tour guide come translator come everything she saved my life. Day one landed Kansai Airport did the customs shit then was meet by the Ninja Queen {who is teaching English to high school kids there} then it was on a train to Osaka after about 45 min we Namba and chucked our stuff in a locker and entered down town Shinsaibasi for what was to become spinout 1 . Well after 10 hrs on a plane I was not quite ready for this there were people, carz, bikes, lights it was going off. After wandering around in total amazement, mouth wide open saying did you see that did you see them having the Ninja Queen cracking up laughing at me we decided it was time to find some where to stay for the night. They have these great places called love Hotels that during the day can be rented by the hour if you know what I mean? Then after 10pm can be rented for the night. Now Im telling they are unreal and some have themes. We were told of one with a Dodgem Car but didnt find one , we did try . Now these Hotels have everything great baths TV video mirrors small lounges to get to know your special friend a little better, they are owned by the Yucsai Japanese Mafia and 10 times better than staying at the Hilton, same price or cheaper .So after a good sleep? Woke up to my first full day in spinout land. Now Im about 185 cm tall much taller than most Japanese so I was getting quite a bit of attention .The Ninja Queen spent the day walking around Americamura checking out all the great toy, cloths and other shops man they have 5 story Record shops. So I had heard stories that you can buy Magic Mushrooms legally over the counter. So in a place where pot is considered the same as heroin I was skeptical but there they where in this shop. . So heres another spinouts I turned to the Ninja Queen and said you have been here for months and I have been here for one day and look what I find Yeehah! Buy this time it was time to get out of the city and head to the area the Ninja Queen lives so on to a train to Nagahama 2 hrs north of Osaka. Now the trains here are a great and always on time, our destination was a small rural town called Azai but we spent the night at a friends house in Nagahama because it was to late to go to Azai. Next day jumped on a bus to Azai that was another spinout after Osaka now this place has rice paddies and snow capped mountains but there are convenience stores and vending machines? This place is tiny and I forgot to tell you about the vending machines in Japan they are everywhere. You get heaps of stuff from them like drinks, coffee, soup and beer but you have to be 18 to get beer so believe it or not only people 18+ buy beer? Now if that was where I come from there would be drunk kids all over the place but theirs not.


<<This is the very wonderful Ninja Queen she was my tour guide come translater come everthing and i would not have survied without here. She lives there teaching english to high school kids in this tiny town in the middle of nowhere called Azai.We had some great aventures and lots of laughs Yeehah! Almost forgot checkout the size of this bike its a mini chopper.


Heres another great chopper there was so many kool motor bikes there Yamahas that looked like old Triumphs or Nortons but they were all new I will show you more latter.

Gondolas in Venice; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Japan has a great music scene this is Guitar Wolf one of the full on wild rock n roll bands.


Walking through an arcade in Kyoto doing all things tourist people everwhere and lots of shops. Spending our day window shopping and doing all the things those you do when on holidays,next we came across this shop Yeehah!It just blew us away you don't expect to see a full on gun shop with all these weapons of death and destruction in a shopping arcade in downtown Kyoto? You can just imagine, Mum saying where are you going Trevor , just down the shops mum i need a new fully automatic rifle for school tommorow , ok luv don't spend all your pocket money. I have said it before this is avery bent country .


All you toy collectors out there Japan has heaps of great toy shops. Prices may be a bit high depending on what part of the planet you are from? If don't want to spend alot of $$$$$ its sill great fun just looking and you do find bargins like anywhere. Part 2 I will have photos of some toy shops we found plus more bikes, carz and crazy people so ya all come back now?

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