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Poison Heart
surviving the Ramones

Dee Dee Ramone
Veronica Kofman


Isn't great when you pick up a book and you can't put it down? Poison Heart is the life story of Dee Dee Ramone original bass player of ledgenary New York Rock n roll band the Ramones. His story makes you wonder how is still alive ,all the years of drug And acohol abuse. It also goes behind the scene and tells that the Ramones were not such a happy family . So if you want a great read you can't go wrong here . Kool*****

Filth and the Fury
sex pistols

Directed by Julien Temple

This doco. goes where the Great rock n roll swindle didn't. Directed by Julien Temple the same man that gave us the swindle. There are some great interviews with the members of the band done in silhouette. You can see how much the death of Sid Vicous had on Johny Rotten how sad he still is.There is some excellent archive footage as well as animation .I think the Filth and the Fury is better ,maybe because Malcom Maclaren wasn't trying to run the show. Yeah so go get from the video shop you won't be disapointed. Kool****



Big Beat From Badsville



Even though this was recorded in 1997 I still think it needs a mention. I have loved the Cramps for years and bad Beat From Badsville is as good or better than any older stuff. They really know how to do that crazy rock n roll, physcobilly , sleazy stripper , go go music and with songs like Queen of Pain you can kind see what iam talking about?
Give this one a listen. Kool****