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Steve Starz Kool Shit
RIP Joey Ramone


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Hey where the RAMONES an this ones called Rock away Beach take it Dee Dee ! 1 2 3 4 ! Rip Joey Ramone .





I came home from the Byron Bay Blues festival to find an email saying that Joey Ramone had died. Well I had heard he was sick but was not expecting to hear that. I have been a Ramones fan for 20 something years and it is like losing a good friend. We will miss you Joey but will never forget you . The Ramones have played a very important part in my life aswell as many of my friends there music has influenced many people . Did you see them when they where on the Simpsons singing happy birthday to Mr Burns? That would have to be one of the best 30 seconds of TV ever. So now that you are gone Joey we will always keep you in our hearts and never forget all the great times you have given us. So goodbye and thanx for the memories.


Joey Ramone
Born 19*5*1951
Died 4*4*2001